Latest from Blues News Magazine - 5/6

A huge thank you goes out to the good folks at Blues News Magazine who were not only kind enough to add this review but also for sending us a copy from Germany! “On the one hand, it is hard to believe that this album was recorded live in one room in just ten days. On the other hand, that could be exactly why it sounds so great. With this atmospherically dense, very intimate production, which was created in Nashville, a young Briton introduces himself to the music world…..He settled it between country, folk and blues according to his preference for the great American songwriters from James Taylor to Bob Dylan. He let his brother and friends help him with the implementation and arranged according to the motto "less is more". Joe Edward's captivating texts tell of traveling, of underdogs, of eternal love, of distributional injustices and of the liberating feeling of having everything you need in one bag. A nugget for listeners, Americana fans and fans of honest songwriting.” - Christoph Ullrich (Blues News Magazine, DE)